Make your home more positive with these Vaastu tips.

The concept of Vaastu is a system of planning and architecture aimed at harnessing and channelling positive energy. When a home is built properly following Vaastu principles, it is believed to bring its owners peace, prosperity, and joy. This is primarily due to the way the home is built and the materials used. Ancient Indian philosophers had knowledge about the gravitational field, magnetic field, the position of the earth, the velocity of the winds and ultraviolet rays, as well as the intensity and volume of rainfall, which they applied to Vaastu principles. By doing so, they were able to build a home that was strong in science as well as spirituality.

The east and north are considered to work in the favor of homeowners, bringing them joy and prosperity, while the south is considered unlucky. There is, however, a very simple way to turn this around and make the most of a south-facing plot at Sreenivas Housing by following these tips.

Tips for south facing plots according to Vaastu

  • Starting with the main door, let’s fix it. Your main door should be placed in the centre of your home and be the largest. Larger doors allow more positive energy into your home.
  • Placing your kitchen towards the north-west or south-east corner will allow you to take advantage of the rejuvenating sunrays. Kitchen doors should face north, east or north-east, while all cooking-related chores should be done facing east. West-facing kitchens can also bring in more revenue.
  • The best place to place your master bedroom is south-west, where the most positive energy accumulates. You should build your master bedroom on the top floor if you are building a villa with multiple floors. The remaining bedrooms should be placed in the northwest corner. Young couples should avoid a North-East direction.
  • You can repel negative energy by planting trees or having large flower pots on the North-East side of your property.
  • Your choice of colors is also important. Brown, red, and orange are auspicious colors for South-facing homes. They can be matched with similar colors for the interior. Blue and black should be avoided.
  • Do not place your bathroom or Pooja room under staircases. Staircases should be placed to the south or south-west. If you want a smooth energy flow, keep the space under the staircase clear of debris.
  • The Pooja room is where you feel the most at peace. Design it accordingly. Place it in the north-east corner of the house. Face east or north when praying. This space should be constructed with wood rather than metal or stone. Make sure to ring the bell regularly.
  • Keep toilets away from the four cardinal directions (North, South, East, and West) and the main entrance. Ideally, a toilet should be located in the direction of North-West. Therefore, the septic tank should be placed in a south or north-east direction.
  • Walls in the south should be taller and thicker than those in the north and east. Consequently, the home will be protected from direct sunlight by having walls that absorb excessive heat in the afternoons.
  • Bore wells and underground water tanks should not be placed in front of the house. It is believed to cause financial distress and health problems. South of South West is an ideal location for this problem. And did you know that? There are advantages to living on a south-facing property!

Benefits of a South-Facing Home or Plot

  • An increase in sunlight during the day
  • Makes gardening easier due to more natural light
  • Suitable for cold climates
  • Increased daylight means more energy savings

So don’t think twice about getting a south-facing plot. With your Sreenivas Housing, you can build the house you’ve always wanted! Call us now at +91 9500122751.

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