Construction and Contracts

Sreenivas Housing has the experience of engaging in the promotion of Residential,
Religious, Commercial and Educational Organizations across the emerging markets in
contract basis. A professional team is in place to handle the varied requirements of
our customers. We welcome your enquiries

24/7 Maintenance

Sreenivas Housing is also Expertise in Maintenance too. We are taking care of around
100 flats of our own constructed Homes at a Minimal Cost.

We understand that your home is one of the Greatest Investment because it holds
your most Treasured Effects and moments. We treat your home, Key and your
personal belongings with utmost Respect and care. When you Invite Sreenivas
Housing for Maintenance we make you to feel more Confident with your decision.

Maintenance Includes Plumbing works in Common areas, Gardening and Landscape
Cleaning, Lift Maintenance, On time Sump Cleaning and OHT Cleaning, Security
Systems, Maintaining EB cards, Reminders on your Taxes etc. We Value the Trust you
Place on us.

Interior Works

Another Service in which we have satisfied our Customers and Proposals is Interior
Work with Creative Architecture and Design based Practice with Professionals.

We believe that Floors and homes we inhabbit should be beautiful, Useful and
sometimes Playful like Kids Rooms. For Achieving this we work Meticulously in all
angles even through the Smallest Details.

We pride ourselves for building a Strong Sense of Trust and understanding with our

Resale and Rentals

Our Realty Service Offers a Complete Portfolio of Real estate Services in Resale,
Rentals and leasing your Property. We analyse research and develop Valuation of your
Property on your request and make you satisfy expectations.